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My Humble Shack
Consists of :
Yaesu FTDX5000MP

Kenwood TL-922A Amplifier
Kenwood TS-830S Gold
Pentium IV Computer
Home brew PSK31 Interface.


My Antennas are a 3 element SteppIR with 6 meter Element at 30 feet on the top of my roof
HF6V Butternut Vertical Mounted on the Chimney at 20 feet off the Ground

They Work GREAT!!

Radio has been upgraded to a new FTDX5000MP
Originally I was first Licensed at the age of 14 as WN2IEZ. After the one year as Novice, I couldn't afford the long trip to Syracuse New York to take the General exam so I just dropped Ham Radio in Pursuit of other Teenage things.
Then In 1973 after I had moved to California, I retook the Novice exam and became WN6WBE, but a few months later I upgraded to general at the FCC office in Los Angeles as WA6WBE. In late 1973 I again appeared before the FCC office to upgrade to Advanced Class. I spent most of 1974 and 1975 running phone patches for the US Coast Guard with Ice Breakers from Long Beach to Antarctica and back again. I also ran hundreds of Phone Patches for many of the Guys and Girls living on the Lonely and desolate Pacific Islands. At that time I was running a 2 KW Henry Amplifier and a Mosley TA-33 at 70 feet. I almost had a Job on wake Island in 1974, But the Company I was to work for lost their Contract at the last moment. I am sure it would have been a GREAT experience.
In mid 1975 I left Amateur radio to participate In drag racing. My wife and I campaigned a C/ED during the late 70's and did quite well running in division Seven ( The Southwest Division). But like many of my Interests, I soon Tired of Drag racing and started a Hobby in Astronomy. I attended some classes at a Local junior college and became quite proficient in Astro-Photography. I still have my 8 inch Mead Reflector in the back yard collecting dust. I do drag it out on the lawn now and then to look at Saturn or some global Clusters or some of the Galaxies that are visible in the summer skies.
In 2003 I renewed my interest in Amateur radio. I went to the Local Club and took my exams. I Passed after all those years ! I received my ticket on August 28 of 2003 as KG6SIT. I later applied for and received the vanity call of N6WK on November 26th, 2003. Since August 28, 2003 I have 16928 QSO's with 277 countries worked. I currently have 267 countries confirmed as of December 10th, 2008. I Love chasing the DX and I am hooked on it. I also try to work as many contests on HF as Time and Schedules permit. One of my favorites is the Straight Key Night on January 1st. What a blast to work that old J-38 again. I actually WON the 2004 ARRL 160 Meter Contest for the Orange Section using my 80 meter Vertical forced to work on 160. My favorite band is 15 Meters. In December of 2008 I added a 3 Element SteppIR and put it up on a roof top tower. Wow, What a difference over the vertical for pulling out the DX and being heard in a pile up.
Before the SteppIR, I had been using a Great Force 12 C3 7 element Antenna. I had a 125 foot Zig-Zag Long wire @ 30 feet for 80 meters. It works great. In the INT DX contest on 80 meters I worked 17 countries including New Zealand and Senegal, Africa. Works way better then I expected.
I am a Member of TEN-TEN International # 74156 and I am an ARRL member.
I hold the Number of 3T in the new SKCC group.

SKCC WebSite

On a Personal Note:

I hold awards for :
The CQ World Wide WPX SSB Contest 2004
The ARRL 160 Meter Contest Orange Section winner in 2004
The ARRL 10 Meter Contest Orange Section winner in 2004
The ARRL International DX Contest Phone for Orange Section in 2005
The ARRL International DX Contest Phone Orange Section 2006
The ARRL International DX Contest CW Orange Section 2006
The ARRL November Sweepstakes Phone Orange Section 2007
SKCC Weekend Sprint May, 2008 1st place QRP
SKCC Centurion # 40

I have Added an On-Line Log Check for all my N6WK contacts.  If you think you've worked me, take a look.  I try to update it weekly.
Thanks for Looking at my site.
If you're an Amateur radio Operator, I hope to see you on the bands!
I can often be found on or around 14.243 with other FT-2000 users. If not there, look for me in the center of a DX pilup with the rest of you.

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